Clean UP!

Make it Cleaner.

  • Clean up every month.
    • So we do not have trash stack up and we have time to keep everything clean.
  • Pick up trash outside the school.
    • So the school looks good.  Trash on the ground everywhere would make the school look ugly.  Plus the trash creates pollution.
  • Clean up the bathrooms.
    • To keep up good hygiene and stop the spread of germs that can cause people to get sick.
  • Fix the bathroom sinks.
    • Broken sinks means people will not wait to wash their hands.  Not washing your hands will spread germs.
  • Clean up the front of the school.
    • So when visitors come, they will not think we are a messy school.  Plus it will not attract wild animals that can spread diseases.
  • Clean up the hallways.
    • So the janitors do not have extra work to do.
  • Clean up the recces area.
    • So we do not spread germs from the equipment.
  • Clean up everywhere.
    • If we can do it at school, why not at home and our neighborhoods.
  • For detention, we HAVE clean up.
    • A good way to help teach people about keeping clean and to show them how important it is to be clean.  If people do not want to clean the bathrooms, they might be good to avoid detention.
  • Clean up graffiti.
    • School walls are not a place for graffiti except maybe in art class.
  • Clean up the school grounds.
    • By keeping it clean, we give a good impression about the students and teachers and staff of Coleman because we are the best!

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Make it greener.
  • When we see a classroom that’s empty and has its lights on we can turn them off.
    • So we don’t waste energy
  • We can turn off electronics when we are not using them.
    • Again, so we don’t waste energy.
  • Change light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs.
    • Even though CFL bulbs cost more, they save energy and money. 

Use CFL!                                        Save our Trees!

  • Plant trees.
    • Trees are good for the environment because they help produce oxygen, provide a habitat for many small animals, wind breaks to help stop soil erousion and we get shade on a hot day. 
  • Plant grass at the tetherball courts. 
    • So we don’t track in mud the janitor has to clean by using water and chemicals that can harm our natural water sources like the oceans and lakes. 
  • Put motion sensors on lights.
    • So we don’t waste energy.
  • Put motion sensors on faucets, soap, and paper towel dispensers.
    • So we don’t waste water and trees.
  • Put solar panels on the school.
    • So we don’t waste energy and use a clean renewable energy source.
    • So we can reduce to the trash on Earth.


  • Get rid of trash cans and use recycle boxes.
    •  We need to recycle more.
  • Recycle milk cartons.
    • So we do no pollute the land.
  • Put motion sensors on the water fountains.
    • So we don’t waste water.
  • Recycle gum wrappers.
    • Saves trees and keeps them out of landfills.


  • Recycle mechanical pencils.
    • So less plastic goes into the landfills.
  • Use mugs or glasses.
    • So we don’t waste paper.
  • Don’t do too many things when on the computers.
    • So we don’t waste energy.
  • Use blow dryers instead of paper towels.
    • So we don’t waste energy.

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