Make it greener.
  • When we see a classroom that’s empty and has its lights on we can turn them off.
    • So we don’t waste energy
  • We can turn off electronics when we are not using them.
    • Again, so we don’t waste energy.
  • Change light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs.
    • Even though CFL bulbs cost more, they save energy and money. 

Use CFL!                                        Save our Trees!

  • Plant trees.
    • Trees are good for the environment because they help produce oxygen, provide a habitat for many small animals, wind breaks to help stop soil erousion and we get shade on a hot day. 
  • Plant grass at the tetherball courts. 
    • So we don’t track in mud the janitor has to clean by using water and chemicals that can harm our natural water sources like the oceans and lakes. 
  • Put motion sensors on lights.
    • So we don’t waste energy.
  • Put motion sensors on faucets, soap, and paper towel dispensers.
    • So we don’t waste water and trees.
  • Put solar panels on the school.
    • So we don’t waste energy and use a clean renewable energy source.
    • So we can reduce to the trash on Earth.


  • Get rid of trash cans and use recycle boxes.
    •  We need to recycle more.
  • Recycle milk cartons.
    • So we do no pollute the land.
  • Put motion sensors on the water fountains.
    • So we don’t waste water.
  • Recycle gum wrappers.
    • Saves trees and keeps them out of landfills.


  • Recycle mechanical pencils.
    • So less plastic goes into the landfills.
  • Use mugs or glasses.
    • So we don’t waste paper.
  • Don’t do too many things when on the computers.
    • So we don’t waste energy.
  • Use blow dryers instead of paper towels.
    • So we don’t waste energy.

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