Xbox 360 – Buy xbox 360……..?

Buy xbox 360……..?

NTSC or PAL???


which version 1 has a lot of games for 360 and old xbox (NTSC or PAL)


give me some other reason please

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Read an article today that wrote of Microsoft's marketing ineptitude regarding Windows 7… The same must be said about the XBox! for years I have read many hundreds of posts about the red-ring-of-death; the lack of keyboard and mouse, and the inability for the Microsoft FF steering wheel to be used on the PC with force feedback enabled… If I were the CEO of Microsoft; by now I would have listened and acted immediately to rectify the r-r-o-death caused by an overheating motherboard, which buckles and disengages the solder. I would have implemented an immediate redesign of the hardware … a bigger case, more efficient cooling, a much quieter processor fan and case fans… Created downloadable software to allow keyboard/mouse usage, and likewise, software to allow the enabling of Force feedback with the Microsoft wheel on PC. Many thousands of Gamers have been calling for all of the aforementioned to be implemented since its release… There cries have fallen on deaf ears; thus Microsoft has fiscally lost many, many millions in lost sales to PC owners' and have shown complete contempt for their loyal, and dedicated customers… Will it ever change? I doubt it, sigh!