Playstation 3 – How To Fix Ps3 Dns Error – Repair The Playstation Error Code Today!

How To Fix Ps3 Dns Error – Repair The Playstation Error Code Today!

The PS3 DNS error is a common problem. Many people are having problems with this error. They are asking everyone they know how to fix PS3 DNS error, but no one knows. Well, this article does know how you can fix it, so be ready to play your game online within a hour.

Let’s start! How To Fix PS3 DNS Error

First of all, try to power off your modem and then power it back on. If that didn’t work, you will have to check if your router it’s firmware needs an upgrade. If UPnP and media center connectivity is turned on, turn them off. Both can cause the PS3 DNS error. If this isn’t the case, move on to next step.

How To Fix the Error Using Your Router

Ok, now it’s time to check your router. Go to the router status area; this place will show your ISP information. Look at what’s in the DNS IP addresses. Write them on a piece of paper, and go back to your PS3. Write the IP addresses down, but put the second IP down as the first one, and the first IP address down as the second one. If you did this correctly, it should fix the PS3 error code that you have.

Nothing Worked? Time To Use A Guide?

If the above steps on how to fix PS3 DNS error didn’t work, or you didn’t understand how to apply the information I gave you, then I’d recommend you to get a repair guide. This may cost some money, but so does paying for a new router.

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Apply The Tips I Gave You On How To Fix PS3 With A Guide

If you know how to fix PS3 DNS error, but not know how to apply the step, than you should get a PlayStation 3 Repair Guide. This not only helps you step by step with pictures to fix the DNS error, but it also has bonuses. It will give you the ability to transfer music from your iPod to your console, and it will also let you install linux on your PlayStation 3!

Be smart, Fix your PS3 DNS error with This PlayStation 3 Repair Guide.

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