Xbox 360 – Some general info help with Xbox 360?

Some general info help with Xbox 360?

Overheating question about the Xbox 360?
I am a very paranoid person (have anxiety and stress disorders), so I ALWAYS install my games onto my hard-drive now to keep the Xbox working smoothly and without overheating problems. I really get scared of overheating because of RROD and losing all my info and what not. But what worries me now is that installing the games also takes a lot of juice out of the Xbox. I feel like it's probably better than playing non-stop for 5 hours while it's not installed. But is it a problem to constantly be installing games? I have a 60 GB hard-drive, and for most games, I will install it, complete it, and then uninstall it and install a new game to keep space (since I refuse to delete some of my hard-drive games).

How To Repair Your Xbox 360

Fixing your Xbox 360 in under an hour is completely possible. I can be frustrating when you are in the middle of a heated Gear of War game when you get the three red rings of death.

Don’t panic as this is a fixable error. Once you know the secret to repairing it you can be back up and playing Gears within the hour.

One trick to getting your Xbox 360 back up and running is the towel trick. This is hit or miss as sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. Basically you get a nice heavy towel and wrap your Xbox up in it. Now by wrapping your system up in this towel and turning it on it should overheat. Once it overheats it will reset itself and you should be able to play again. If, the Xbox does not reset itself from using the towel trick than you a couple other things.

You can look in the phone book for local shops that will fix your Xbox but that could cost anywhere from $100-$200 dollars just to get it back up and running. Another option is to send it into Microsoft and if it is still under warranty they will fix it for free and all you have to pay is the shipping and handling.

The final option to get your Xbox up and running quickly is to use one of the online Xbox repair guides. These can be found on different sites and can cost between $20-$50 dollars. Most all guides come with a video on how to fix the Xbox yourself. In a pinch this might be the best option to get up and running quickly

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